Building unique architectural spaces through experiential design. 

Experiential design

Our immersive design process creates a deeper understanding of each project. This results in rich interaction, memorable branding and a unique architectural environment.

Urban projects need to activate the street, respect their context, and create a memorable experience.

Public space often defines the heart and soul of a community. Designing the space outside the building is just as important as the building itself.

Civic spaces play a unique role in the community. The architect must understand and shape the larger civic realm: enabling, assembling, and enriching the community.

If the software and tools we need don't exist, we write new software, and create new tools.

Designing virtually

If the tool we need to make better decisions doesn't exist ... we create the tool ourselves. HAL (HOYT Architecture Lab) has created software that streamlines decision making in a project. 

When a rapidly growing community has no central place to gather, it's a problem. Main Street at Lakewood Ranch solved that problem.

“The future is prototype, not parametric.”
— Gary Hoyt