Citrus Square

This 10 unit, 3 and 4 story mixed-use building will help frame the north side of Citrus Square (Hoyt Partner, Chris Gallagher was the project designer and project manager of Phase I of Citrus Square while with another architectural firm.) Called “Sarasota’s most important building” by Planning Edges, Citrus Square graces the home page of the City of Sarasota website. In 2011 Citrus Square was awarded “the best low-rise building” by Multi-Housing Magazine. 

Citrus Square’s traditionally scaled facades were modeled after apartments buildings found along the coast of southern France – with first floor shops, canvas awnings, balconies, decorative metal railings, French doors, multi-paned windows, abundant moldings, and climbing bougainvillea. Phases II & III will capture the design spirit of Citrus Square, adding a new collection of facade designs, new unit plans, a Parisian style entry court, and a roof top pool.