The Mark

The Mark is an 800,000 SF mixed-use development in Downtown Sarasota, Florida. This project encompasses two city blocks of commercial, retail, and residential space. The 13-story building will service well-known national retailers and restaurants in the downtown area. In addition, 157 condominium units and over 800 parking spaces are included in this project, and State Street will become a vibrant pedestrian arcade and new spatial experience for Sarasota.

Main Street at Lakewood Ranch

Main Street provides a vibrant focal point for the large, up-scale residential community of Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Located on a peninsula on Lake Uihlein, the 20-acre site offers 300,000 SF of pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use space; featuring specialty shops and restaurants with 2nd floor office space and residences. Main Street terminates in a pedestrian plaza and movie theater. Classical and modern architectural elements mix within a modern context to give Main Street a timeless, “town village” feel.

Fruitville Commons

This mixed-use project will become a key feature of a new-urban, lifestyle center located at I-75 and Fruitville Road in Sarasota County, Florida. The project will include 100,000 SF of retail, a 130 key hotel, and 100,000 SF of office space- all designed around a centrally-located civic space.


At the intersection of virtual reality technology, experiential design, and placemaking, the Summerhill redevelopment project in Atlanta, Georgia demonstrates the possibilities of a unique, experience-based, urban design methodology called “urban analog.” 

Merging the power of design, with the immediacy of artistic visualization, the urban analog design process combines the diverse professional skills of HOYT Architecture Lab's in-house urban designers, architects, urban planners, digital artists, game-engine programmers, and software engineers. The outcome of this collaboration is the development of a powerful, precision-based 3D model which seamlessly incorporates the rigor of building, into the art of design.

Equipped with a virtual reality headset and hand-held controllers, Summerhill project designers and stakeholders were able to walk, glide, and fly through imagined urban spaces in real-time virtual reality. This degree of immersion transfers designed ideas from a static page, into an active and continuously evolving 3D experience. The ability to not only illustrate and visualize designs, but to manipulate them in real-time virtual reality, allowed HOYT Architects to develop a unified and highly successful design solution.

Ed Smith Stadium

Ranked number one most-liked venue for exhibition games by USA Today (2018) and one of the top things to do in Sarasota, Florida by TripAdvisor (2018), fans agree that there is no better place to watch a baseball game than Ed Smith Stadium – spring training home of the Baltimore Orioles.

Ed Smith Stadium combines Sarasota’s rich architectural history with a classic ballpark feel. The stadium offers field seating for up to 9,000 spectators, luxury suites, press-boxes, owners’ suites, and plenty of shaded standing areas. The training facility features state-of-the-art training and weight rooms, enclosed batting tunnels, eight practice fields, and support facilities. The facility’s two-level, 85,000 SF concourse anchors a facade which pulls the stadium activity up to the sidewalk; engaging the street and energizing the surrounding neighborhood.

Cocoa Riverfront Park

The Cocoa Riverfront Park is a semi-circular community space with a raised, continuous walkway at its’ perimeter. The central ‘green’ accommodates passive recreational activities and can also act as an amphitheater and active public event space.

The focal point of the amphitheater is a raised, central pavilion that incorporates acoustic sails under a curvilinear roof.